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When faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, a video production company needed help with emergency loan resources, client strategy, and marketing messaging all of which the SBDC was able to nail, keeping them funded and operational. 

Located in historic downtown Dunsmuir, Pusher Inc. has been in business for nine years offering video production, editing, photography, and web design to clients both locally and nationwide. Pusher is owned by Bryce Craig, who founded it with a friend in 2011. Their staff includes three other full time employees offering support in the areas of sound editing, production/UX, and editing/producing services.

Bryce reached out to the SBDC in April 2020 seeking emergency loan resources due to COVID-19 in order to remain operational and avoid staff layoffs. He also requested help with client strategy and marketing messaging during COVID, specifically with clients tasked with promoting tourism who needed to respect travel restrictions.

The SBDC became Bryce’s partner in helping to brainstorm messaging that encouraged responsible recreation, providing over nine hours of advising and follow up with an additional focus on applying for PPP and EIDL emergency relief funding. The SBDC shared sample electronic applications for PPP and EIDL and walked Bryce through all of the necessary financial attachments to package the application.

Bryce received PPP funding in the amount of $29,810 and EIDL in the amount of $4,000. This allowed Pusher to retain its four employees and remain operational throughout the shutdown.

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